"The smell has gotten a lot better with blueFox!"

Mareike Bleeke, STAHLBERG in Bielefeld

STAHLBERG in Bielefeld: Waterless urinals without investment

blueFox microorganisms in the fight against odor

In the middle of Bielefeld, the STAHLBERG is located on the Alter Markt with its generous outdoor catering. If there are bad reviews on the net for the average four-star rated café-restaurant, and also because customers complain about the unpleasant smells on the men’s room. Owner Andreas Stahlberg has tried a lot to get the problem under control. When he saw blueFox in use on the men’s toilet during a visit to LUX in the LWL Museum in Münster, he decided to use the system in the STAHLBERG. With success …


Urinal Waterless & Odor Eliminated

STAHLBERG in Bielefeld

” We like “blueFox: Staff from the STAHLBERG in Bielefeld.

” Breakfast ok – but not a second time in the morning sober after breakfast on the men’s room just disgusting,” wrote a user two months ago in his review at Google.

“Very cool store, staff mega friendly, drinks 1a – only drawback the unkempt toilets,” writes another.

With blueFox, Andreas Stahlberg is now biologically and sustainably against the development of bad odors.

The microorganisms in the blueFox components decompose urine odorless – even where something has “gone wrong” and thus combat the formation of unpleasant odors between the cleanings. Without the use of highly acidic chemical cleaners.

Smell much better

The blueFox high-performance microorganisms in the STAHLBERG are now at work for over a month. A first conclusion: “The smell has become much better with blueFox,” says Mareike Bleeke from STAHLBERG. “The cleaning staff are also coping very well with blueFox”.