The power of nature in a capsule

The heart of the system blueFox is the special high performance microorganisms with their tools, the enzymes. They guarantee a thorough and, more importantly, a hygienic clean of the urinal and provide a pleasant fresh smelling room for at least 30 days.
And this with only one or two rinses a day, which can optionally be done automatically. With 100 uses daily, each day saves 300 liters of water per urinal.

The transparent blueFox housing with its elastic wings easily adapts to the different types of common urinals.
It is just as safe to see whether the depot of microorganisms is running low and thus a simple exchange of blueFox1 is required.
The acid-forming microorganisms continuously dissolve the hard urinary stone in the drainage pipes while preventing their formation. The microorganisms are supported by a fast-acting additive for intensive cleaning.

Always use in combination with blueFox2!