"The smell has gotten a lot better with blueFox!"

Mareike Bleeke, STAHLBERG in Bielefeld

STAHLBERG in Bielefeld: Waterless urinals without investment

blueFox microorganisms in the fight against odor In the middle of Bielefeld, the STAHLBERG is located on the Alter Markt with its generous outdoor catering. If there are bad reviews on the net for the average four-star rated café-restaurant, and also because customers complain about the unpleasant smells on the men’s room. Owner Andreas Stahlberg […]

"BlueFox saves water - the water savings is of course a point. But the urinals are no longer blocked and the smell is top - continuous. "

Nils (Operations Manager, LUX in the LWL Museum Muenster)

LUX in the LWL Museum: Waterless urinals thanks to biotechnology

How owner Marcus Gessler focuses on sustainability & but money saves Marcus Gessler knows the problems with clogged drainage of urinals only too well. He has dealt intensively with the problem and knows that flushing with water starts the vicious circle: the lime-containing water through the flushing process promotes the formation of urinary calculus and […]

"We have always had problems with uric stone, blockages and odor nuisances. Every two months, the urinals had to be removed and the pipes had to be cleaned. After three months with blueFox, we currently have none of these problems."

Peter Göttker, Owner "Blaue Haus", Muenster

Blaue Haus: Goodbye to odors, uric stone and blockages!

Owner Peter Göttker relies on the power of nature A must in Muenster’s old town is the Blaue Haus in the “Kuhviertel”. Not only on Saturdays there are hundreds of guests cavort in order to eat in the cozy winding traditional gastronomy and to enjoy a well-kept beer. The problem for owner Peter Göttker was […]

"It smells a lot better than it used to, and thanks to blueFox, there's no need for extra room fragrance, even though the urinal flushing is turned off." The water savings are not even the point because we have our own well, we want to improve the overall dining experience. "

Matthias Lückemann (Owner Wersehof)

blueFox: Smart solution in the traditional restaurant Wersehof Muenster

At the counter of the Wersehof it is relaxing to tap. When satisfied guests “carry” one or two beers to the men’s room, blueFox makes for a pleasant bar break. At the Wersehof in Münster-Handorf, the guests give themselves the handle in the hand. The one or other drink then later involuntarily takes its toll […]

"After weekends and long days, it stinks since blueFox is in use is no longer for urine."

Andy (cleaning staff of "Pension Schmidt", Münster)

Pension Schmidt focuses on Sustainability and saves money with blueFox!

[toc] When cleaning staff Andy came to work after weekends and long evenings in the Pension Schmidt with hundreds of guests a day (& night), it smelled of urine on the men’s toilet. At a late hour not necessarily “everything” always goes where it belongs. For several weeks now but much is different in the […]