"BlueFox saves water - the water savings is of course a point. But the urinals are no longer blocked and the smell is top - continuous. "

Nils (Operations Manager, LUX in the LWL Museum Muenster)

LUX in the LWL Museum: Waterless urinals thanks to biotechnology

How owner Marcus Gessler focuses on sustainability & but money saves

Marcus Gessler knows the problems with clogged drainage of urinals only too well. He has dealt intensively with the problem and knows that flushing with water starts the vicious circle: the lime-containing water through the flushing process promotes the formation of urinary calculus and precipitates that trap the siphon and pipes – as paradoxical as it sounds. For several months, blueFox has provided the solution to the LUX in Muenster, whose owner Marcus Gessler is. The gastronomy in the LWL Museum Muenster offers many culinary delights and is frequented by Muenster residents and museum guests from morning to evening. An endurance test for the blueFox high performance microorganisms.


Operations Manager Nils: “Smell is consistently top”

blueFox makes it possible to completely shut off the water rinse down to one or two automated rinses per day. At the same time, the blueFox microorganisms decompose the urine stone present in the tube and ensure that no further deposits form, which clog the tubes. This saves money, but plant manager Nils sees even more benefits with the blueFox system: “blueFox saves water – of course, saving water is one point. The urinals are also no longer blocked and the smell is top – continuous. “The microorganisms prevent the formation of foul odors around the urinal and ensure a pleasant indoor climate. “We used to have constipation problems every two weeks,” Nils continues. Since blueFox is in use, there have been no further difficulties with the urinals.

LUX at the LWL-Museum Muenster