blueFox offers biotechnologically…

  • … the almost waterless urinal * without costly conversions and expensive odor traps
  • … the permanent prevention of clogged pipes
  • … the effective odor control also around the urinal
  • … a pleasant room climate
  • … the promotion of environmental protection & sustainability
  • … massive water saving
  • … cost reduction by extending maintenance intervals


blueFox is the result of considerable research and development, which is based on national and international patent applications. The combination of modern biotechnology and technology makes it possible. The reality is the waterless urinal.
Those practical problems we know of water and also waterless urinals belong in the past.

* One to two rinses a day are automated via time relays amongst others things are sufficient.

The blueFox system

A system consisting of 3 components.

Easy handling with a reduction of service costs. Compliance with all statutory building requirements and hygiene guidelines.
blueFox 1
The power of nature in a capsule.

The heart of the system blueFox are the special high performance microorganisms with their tools, the enzymes. They guarantee a thorough and, more importantly, a hygienic clean of the urinal and provide a pleasant fresh smelling room for at least 30 days.

(Always use in combination with blueFox2!)

Microbial cleaner for the bowl and sides of the urinal.

This is when the special high performance microorganisms are used again by also being sprayed behind the hidden rims. Don’t forget to also spray the dirty wall and floor tiles, leave it briefl y and then rinse with 2-3 litres of water. Done.

(Never use with a chemical based cleaner!)

Microbial cleaner for the sanitary area.

The 3rd step of the blueFox system is the ideal addition, which thoroughly and hygienically cleans the sanitary area perfectly. It removes unpleasant smells, leaving a pleasant and fresh smelling room.

Biotechnology for the environment.

Special high performing microorganisms clean thoroughly and remove smells

It is possible to save more than 100.000 litres of drinking water per urinal per year – a drastic reduction in running costs and big bonus for our environment!
There is no forming of uric stone, which causes blocked drains, which means there are no malfunctions and no need to clean the drains.
It removes unpleasant smells and provides a pleasant fresh smelling room.

No investments
No constructional changes
No installations
There are neither constructional changes nor acquisition costs required.

No costs when changing from water to waterless urinals

  • Urinal
  • Smells
  • Pipes and drains
  • Wall and floor


“After weekends and long days, it stinks since blueFox is in use no longer for urine.”

Andy (cleaning staff of Pension Schmidt, Muenster)

“It smells a lot better than it used to, and thanks to blueFox, there’s no need for extra room fragrance, even though the urinal flushing is turned off.” The water savings are not even the point because we have our own well, we want to improve the overall dining experience. ”

Matthias Lückemann (Owner Wersehof, Muenster)

“We have always had problems with uric stone, blockages and odor nuisances. Every two months, the urinals had to be removed and the pipes had to be cleaned. After three months with blueFox, we currently have none of these problems. ”

Peter Göttker (Owner, Blaues Haus Muenster)

The microorganisms in the blueFox components decompose urine odorless – even where something has “gone wrong” and thus combat the formation of unpleasant odors between the cleanings. Without the use of highly acidic chemical cleaners.

“The smell has gotten a lot better with blueFox!”
(Mareike Bleeke, STAHLBERG in Bielefeld)